Purchasing a new air conditioning and heating system for your home is a big investment. As a matter of fact, it is one of the largest investments in your home. At AC Medic 911 we also understand buying a new air conditioner for your home is an investment in your comfort, health, and energy efficiency.

The weather in Pine Island and Southwest Florida makes a cooling and heating system a necessity. And we understand that making an investment in a new HVAC system for most of us in Florida is during an emergency situation (when the air is out and the temperature is hot). In many cases it’s something that most families are not always prepared for financially.

At AC Media 911 we are sensitive to that, particularly if your air conditioning breakdown is unexpected. Whether you have cash on hand (or not), for many of us, financing is the smartest and best option.

That’s why at AC Media 911, we offer financing options that work with your budget and fit your needs. Funding can be used for equipment purchase, repairs, and maintenance.

And the coolest thing of all is that the energy savings that results from replacing your old-fashioned, inefficient system can actually pay you back. As a matter of fact, replacing a 10 SEER air conditioning unit installed 10 or more years ago with a high-efficiency 18 SEER model can save homeowners up to forty percent in annual cooling expenses. Now that is cool!

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